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Welcome to WinSwim Wiki Site!

The Wiki site is for documentation and sharing best practices.

You must have login and confirmed email address before viewing the rest of the site. If you are a registered WinSwim user, send an email to WinSwim Support if you would like to have access to make revisions to the Wiki site. Consult the Media Wiki User's Guide for information how to edit and update a page.

WinSwim Main Screen

Read This First

The first thing to read is the quick start guide. This gives you an overview of the software and a pass though using the software from setup to using it for your first meet.

WinSwim User Manual

Here is a list of the topics for the user manual. This describes some of the major activities that are performed in WinSwim.

Download Software

The latest WinSwim software can be downloaded from the WinSwim main site. Go to the site often and look at the download page for the latest version.

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